Deki Teams

Fancy sharing your lending experience with likeminded others?
Why not join forces as part of a Deki lending team?

Start your own lending team, or choose from the existing ones below. Create a team for a specific group – workmates, university society or group of friends – or set up a common interest team that’s open to anyone.

Each team has a loan total that lets you keep track of your combined impact.

Get ready for some friendly competition and motivation from Deki’s inspiring community of active lenders!

Do I lend for my team using my own Deki account?
Yes. Joining a team gives you the option to attribute your loans to the team you are part of – but you lend from your account and receive repayments as normal.

Can anyone join my team?
It’s up to you. Your team can be open, meaning everyone will be welcome to join in, or closed, in which case only you can decide who joins the team.

How it works:
  • Start
    or Join a Team
  • Lend
    on behalf of the Team
  • Get repaid
    to your personal account
  • Re-invest
    or reclaim your money

Unfortunately we're unable to display existing teams while we carry out maintenance to our teams functionality. Please check back later.